Ancient and Natural Remedies for Viruses and Bacteria

Protecting Yourself and Family with Lugol's Formula

For over a century, cattle, pig, chicken, horse and all other fowl farmers, have protected their precious livestock with a simple, powerful, and natural combination of "potassium iodide and iodine", called Lugol's Formula or solution.  This very effective formula continues to be one of the best "antiseptic/anti-microbial substance" found in nature.  To this day, a non-foodgrade form of this combination is used in every surgical suite in every hostipal, to protect the surgical site from bacterial and viral contamination.

Most importantly, Lugol's Formula provides not only important and vital anti-microbial protection for us, our loved ones and our pets, it also provides food for two important glands; the thyroid "master gland" and the pituitary "or higher consciousness" anntenna.  

Unfortunately, since just before WWII, with the introduction of Flouride into the drinking water in Germany, this toxic metal gave Hitler the grand opportunity to easily control the population, making them docile and hyprothyroid.  Today, Sodium Flouride has been used in multiple public water systems to prevent tooth decay.  This is a false and dangerous assumption.  In its natural state, found in ground water, Flouride will help prevent tooth decay.  The misrepresentation is that "Sodium Flouride", a toxic by-product of aluminum production which the aluminum producers had to get rid of in order not to pay exhorbanent disposal fees, sold municipalities in the falsehood of its health benefits.

A two-year study out of Italy in 1990-91, confirmed the outrageously toxic nature of Sodium Flouride.  This study confirmed it as a cause for hypothyroidism, rickets, and forms of leukemia.  The reality is, Sodium Fouride will block the uptake of important natural Iodine by the thyroid cells because it is lighter in atomic weight than its cousin Iodine and similar in chemical composition. Bread with added bromide does the same thing so avoid brominated breads and foods also. Chlorine, Flourine, Bromine, Iodine and Atomidine all exist in the same perioidic column in the elemental periodic chart.

 Not only is Lugol's Formula a great destroyer of microbes and enhances our glandular system, it also removes radiation from our bodies. Also,the lack of iodine is directly attributable to Fibrocsytic Breast Diease, which can lead to the creation of neoplastic cells if not rectified....this can lead to breast cancer.  Please check out our Forms and Facts  Sheets tab, for more specific information on the power and value of Iodine.

Dr. Vishnu


SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP

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