Ancient therapies...Modern Application

Standing the Test of Time....

So, here we all are in the 21st century and for all intents and purposes, we have collectively embraced technology as our mantra.  It is used to run our communications, travel, banking and medicine.  On the verge of an "AI" driven world, one must take a moment, step back and take a long, slow and deliberate view of where we have come from, what we have accomplished, and where we are going.

When we take the time to view the full and complete picture of our existence, what can definitavely be acquired, is a deeper appreiciation of what we began with, and how our collective determination has brought us to this most important pivital moment!  In this observational process, if we remain "unjaded" by the bells and whistles of modern technology, we can quite honestly find "historical jewels" from ancient times, hidden by the glitz and glamour of our fast-paced, hyper-stimulated world.  

As a practitioner of "ancient medicine", the consitent use of old, analog tools to effectlvely resolve everything from common to complex health issues comes into play.  For example, let's look at two very common and yet seeminly unrelated acute health problems which can very effectively, be addressed with the same kind of simple, ancient therapy.  

Flu and constipation...These seemingly different issues can be treated very effectively, with a simple "enema".  Cleaning the bowels out and allowing the body to "detox", by removing old matter, removes the "re-toxification syndrome", keeping the body from healing, by cleaning out old matter and allowing the immune system to properly do its job.  

In the field of "animal husbandry" pig, goat chicken and cattle farmers, for over 130 years, placed simple "Lugol's Solution" into the watering trough of their animals, to protect them from a wide-range of diseases, bacterial and viral.  

This material is available today and if you have questions about how to obtain  this outstanding elemental combination, please send us an email through the Contact tab,and we will get you information on where and how to obtain this powerful health sustaining substance.


SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP

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