So Now What??.....Maintaining a Strong Immune System...For Whatever Comes Next

A few of the most common and effective things we can do during the summer months to enhance and support our immune systems are as follows:

1.  Eat fresh produce, locally grown, preferrably organic...(Why?...because organically produced produce contain 98% more mineral content than commerically produced fruits and vegetables).  The More fresh green the better, since the more chloraphyll we take into our bodies, the more alkyline we become and this alone, enhances our immune system and provides us with the vital, daily, micro-nutrients (trace-minerals) required for all normal biological processes....SO, EAT LOCAL ORGANIC ANYTIME YOU CAN FIND IT!

2.  If you live in the South, as we do, make sure to refrain from eatiung high carbohydrate meals and foods with high sugar content.  (Why?....because high "carb" content foods and foods high in natural or artificial sugars will ALWAYS "bog you down" and create more discomfort during hot and damp weather.  The Native Americans called alcohol, "Fire Water" and this understanding is also seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine as "Damp Heat"....One in the SAME!!!  Sugar creates "Dampness" which will affect the Spleen organ meridian, blood vessels and begin to prolapse organs, leading to a  slowed-down metabolism and "damp" condition,, making a person gain weight.

3.  Finally, allow the intense and FULL YANG ENERGIES of the summer, direct your sleeping habits by "getting up early and going to bed late"...just like the Sun during the summer season.  The is a great time to push the boundaries of what you are capable of, since the energies of the planet will support this kind of activity.  In short, it is always righteous and correct for us to remain in harmony with nature, throughout the year.  This is how we maintain effortless balance and health.

To Your Health and Wellbeing!

Dr. Vishnu 

SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP

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