The Upcoming SPRING Energies....What They Mean and How To Ready Yourself

So....Here we are!....Down south, the azaileas are blooming, the second-leaf fall is occuring and the citrus trees are beginning to bloom, which brings with it the sweet and pungent aroma of the orange blossoms!  While we can truly view this as the ushering of spring energy, or time of renewal and new growth, one does not have to travel too far north to be confronted by the sometimes harsh and brutal windy snowstorms of February and March.  While living in Michigan as a young adult, I can remember the 24-inch snowstorm everyone experienced on St. Patrick's Day!....A week to remember for sure!!

But, when the crocus bloom, we pretty much knew for sure, spring had arrived!  If we (as always) look at Nature and Mother Earth, her signs are inexplicable for the coming of Spring.  New leaf growth on oaks, poplar and maple, cows calving, and the return of our migratory bird population. The grasses, seedlings and leaves begin to sprout, creating a vibrant green color which permeates the landscape!  A most beautious time of the year....yet encompassed with the regrowth, can come heavy winds and the cold gets chased away and the return to warmth and thaw of the winter season ends.  

As they say in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), it's all in the Wind! of the "external evil pernicious influences" has the ability to "attack" us and invade our neck area.  The acupoints located around the neck area are known as the "feng" or wind points.  This external pernicious wind "invades" our feng points if they are left exposed and unprotected and may manifest as "wind cold" invasion of the lungs....a western termed cold, or may bypass the lungs and turn hot and invade the stomach and turn into wind-heat invading the stomach....Flu.  TCM balances these influences with herbs, specific foods and acupuncture if necessary.

Either way, the most important point here is to remember to cover your neck when out in the wind.  Protecting the feng points is fundamental to remaining healthy and keep from obtaing a stiff neck in the springtime. 

More to come about what foods support this SPRING energy of renewal and what element this time of the year represents, and what possible conditions you might encounter, should this be your constitutional type. 

Stay tuned for the next installment in this SPRING energy series!


Dr. Vishnu

SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP

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