UPDATE......Fukushima Radiation THREAT

Fukushima Radioative Water getting poured in the Ocean "Causing Immeasurable Damage"

An important short update to the latest post!...

As posted earlier today regarding the importance of Iodine for the thyroid and to protect you from radiation poisoning, a news article on zerohedge.com states, what the country of Japan is about ready to do by polluting the ocean with over a million TONS of radioactive water, from the failed nuclear power plant at Fukushima.

This is an unconsionable act, effecting all of us for many years to come! 

Another important reason to remain protected from the radioactive poisoning of the thyroid, by making sure you avail yourselves and your loved ones with Lugol's Formula

Contact us for further information about the power of Lugol's Formula and to find valuable sources for this most historically important formula! 

Dr. Vishnu

SaTerra Vishnu, DOM, AP

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